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When people live in a state of fear – everything is incriminating.

Hardship is a tool by which we can raise ourselves above ourselves – this amazing article by Damien Echols tells not only of how we can grow our character with Magick but more radically it shows the lack of freedom and appalling excess of paranoia in the today’s “moral” atmosphere.

I fear for having certain books in my home. I’ve been asked to shut down this very page, my social media accounts and my occult shoppe because it “scares people”. People are failing, on a widespread scale, to take responsibility for illuminating to themselves that which they do not understand, the unknown. When people live in a state of fear – everything is incriminating.

“In 1993, when three eight year old boys were found murdered in my small town, attention immediately turned to me. Why? Because I was the town weirdo. I dressed in all black, had long hair, and listened to heavy metal music. As if this wasn’t enough to make me suspect in a small, hardcore fundamentalist town in the midst of the era of Satanic panic, I also practiced magick. Some of the most damning evidence brought against me during the trial was my love of knowledge of Crowley, and the fact that I owned Stephen King novels… My interest in magick may have contributed to my being sentenced to death, but it was also a huge part of what allowed me to survive for the better part of two decades in the American prison system.”


“Meditation Helped Me Survive Death Row and 19 Years of Wrongful Imprisonment”

For more about Damien’s incredible story perhaps look into reading his book Life After Death.

Freedom, Strength Through Adversity, War, World Events

Du Noir Naît la Lumière | The Paris Attacks

Artist Eugenia Loli Violence is not always senseless.. considering that Freedom must be fought for constantly. This attack on Paris, however, is an attack on Freedom. Worse yet, directed at the very thing that remains free at all costs throughout the ages – Music.

We must find strength through hardship…. progression of character through adversity. Those who have committed these crimes against the human race have overlooked that from Death comes Creation. From the ashes of tragedy is always born a pheonix – people who cherish our freedom will unite and fight together. Pacifists will take up arms. Differences will be forgotten. Let us not be terrified by our vulnerabilities, but empowered by our will for Evolution and our love of Freedom.

From ISIS statement on the Paris Attack: 
“…targeted areas carefully chosen in the heart of the French capital… the bataclan where hundreds of idolaters participating in a party of perversity were assembled… France and those who follow their path have to know that they will remain the principle targets of IS and will continue to smell the odour of death for having led this crusade, for having insulted our prophet, for boasting about fighting Islam in France, for striking a blow against Muslims in the land of the Kalifate with their planes which has achieved nothing in the foul smelling streets of Paris. This attack is only the start of the storm, and a warning for those who want to learn from their mistakes.”

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