Acausal, Full Moon

Better Living Through Alchemy | 21st Century Solstice



Artwork by Paul Juno

Gravity weighs heavily and our sense of time slows as the sun stretches out these days.

Life displays itself most surreal and our experiences are as desert mirages; waves on sand that appear as water.


Landscape by Deep Love Photography

Potent dreams come to pass, drawing rarer visions closer to reality. Like the wake of a summer storm, the Sky is clear but the Earth trembles.

Internal knowing comes as  the galactic perspective shifts and we are able to feel more vividly the energies beyond our most relied upon senses.

Tonight – develop your esoteric empathy. Go outside and feel the Solstice. Bathe in the reflection of the sun, feel the pull of the Full Moon against your skin… dance in the cloak of darkness, smell the warm night air. The Gods are there, Within.

Binan Ath  Ga Wath Am




Luna, Moon Phases, New Moon, Star Game

Beta Libra | 11/11 | New Moon

d25641155822b6408d9680c2e3fa62a7 This November 2015 New Moon falls at 19°00′ , in Scorpio. This moon will line up with the star Zubeneschamali, the brightest star in the constellation Libra. Once called the Northern Claw of the Scorpion (Arabic), this star is also known as Lanx Borealis, or Beta Libra, and inhabits what we now know as the Southern Scale (Greek). This emerald colored star is visible to the naked eye, especially tonight, while the sky is dark as the moon shares the same side of the Earth as the Sun.

[Mixed Media Colalge by Artist Eugenia Loli]